U.S. Election Day 11/08/2016

It is finally Election Day in the USA — a day that has been both dreaded and hoped for by American citizens and for those who wish to benefit from the “American dream” way of life. As my Facebook friends know, I have been making use of that venue to ardently campaign for the Donald Trump Movement to “make America great again.” And I have been exposing the Clinton Cartel’s lies, deceit, and crime.

My prayer for this historic day is for a spirit of calm to override unrest and hatred. I pray that EVERYONE will stay safe, and ALL individuals will be careful with their words and actions as the election plays out. I pray that peace will overcome violence in the aftermath. I pray for the safety of police officers and first responders. I denounce the spiritual forces that are working to derail this election and bring about chaos in this beloved country. I ask for safety for all military personnel, both in country and serving abroad. I’m thankful to Almighty God for allowing us to remain free to this point in our history.

IF God allows the enemy to win this election, I will know that He has plans to use His sincere followers to shine light into the darkness of lost souls. IF He chooses to respond in a positive way to the prayers of repentance and restoration that Christians have been raising up on our country’s behalf, I will be assured that there is much work to do, and the enemy won’t like it! We must EXPECT opposition and persecution, and we MUST STAND FIRM on what is true and right.

The following is an article from Jeff Berwick — who must be terribly disappointed that the world economy has not yet crashed — concerning what MAY happen on “the day after” we learn who our next president will be. We must not be afraid. We must stay focused on the only One who offers salvation for eternity — Jesus Christ. And we MUST stand firm in faith and truth.



Paranoia Deepens in US as Cyber-attacks Prepare Post-Election Tumult

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