2015-16 Jubilee ends on 10-2; now a warning about the “greatest jubilee debt in history”



Notice the phrase, “greatest debt jubilee in history.”

If you’ve been reading our blogs and publications, you know that for two  years now , I’ve been writing about Shemitah Trends and the the Jubilee Year 2016. That’s no accident. I long ago discovered that the world’s elite organizers like to utilize both of these celebratory timelines to trigger catastrophic economic, sociopolitical and military events. Is it a game to them, or a kind of sly messaging? I don’t know, but we can see them doing it again in this article.

Right up front, Evans-Pritchard mentions a global “debt jubilee” and no one mentions that by accident. We’ve written in the past (see the article here in January) about how the BIS’s top economist William White used the phrase – and the writer who quoted him was none other than Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

White claimed the world’s overall indebtedness was such that only a global forgiveness of debts would suffice to correct global finances. And here, once more, is Evans-Pritchard raising the decibel level to four or five alarms.

Maybe we should simply discount his reporting. But that’s probably not such a good idea. He’s a very important reporter whose father was an agent of British Intelligence. An article like this isn’t simply dashed off quickly. It has the ring of a declaration. 

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE @ https://dollarvigilante.com/blog/2016/09/23/new-world-order-mouthpiece-warns-verge-greatest-debt-jubilee-history.html


Once again I want to remind my readers that God’s 70th Jubilee will end on Sunday, October 2nd. Remember that, in Leviticus 25, the Lord God made known to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (a.k.a. ISRAEL) that they were to keep his 7th-year Shemitah AND his 50th-year Jubilee.

The Shemitah was meant to level the “playing field” so that those who were desperately poor could be relieved of debt, while the wealthiest individuals were brought to a point of understanding that GOD is the GIVER of all things GOOD. Shemitah is Hebrew for “the year of cancelling debts.” You can read about it in Deuteronomy 15. But how does it apply to modern times and to America specifically?

Most recently, the Shemitah of of 2000-2001 ended with the 9/11 terrorist attack on NYC, followed by a huge stock market crash! Exactly 7-years later, on September 29, 2008 — Elul 29th on the Jewish calendar (the precise day when the Bible calls for a release of debts) — the stock market plunged 777 points. (In the Bible, seven often symbolizes perfection, and three is the number symbolizing the Triune God!) It was the greatest one day stock market crash of all time.

On Sunday, October 2, 2016, another time marker will come upon the world — the final day of the 70th Jubilee. I’m going to be posting all next week to help everyone catch up — and share updated information — on the significance of God’s Jubilee. And I’m hoping that IF God does make a move to reveal Himself on or after the specific date, that He will be honored upon the realization of what has happened!

More to come …



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