Are anti-discrimintation laws imposing unfair discrimination?



Court to consider argument anti-discrimination laws … discriminate

March 5, 2016



The anti-discrimination laws intended to protect homosexual consumers in Northern Ireland actually discriminate against Christians, the nation’s most senior lawyer will be allowed to argue in a case against a baker.

Ashers Baking Co. is appealing a lower court ruling that found the company violated the anti-discrimination protections by refusing to fulfill a customer’s request for a cake celebrating “gay marriage.”

According to the Christian Institute, which is representing Ashers, a Belfast court of appeal has decided to allow Attorney General John Larkin to present evidence at a hearing in May that Northern Ireland’s anti-discrimination laws impose unfair discrimination against those who hold certain religious beliefs.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the institute, described the court case as a “legal, political and theological saga.”

In a preliminary hearing Thursday, Larkin said “there was a theological context to the way sexual orientation regulations were considered in the case,” the institute said.

“And judges led by Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan agreed there was a point of law that should be considered on the issue,” according to the institute.

“The attorney general has decided to intervene, using his constitutional power to raise questions about the validity of the legislation used against the [bakery owners] McArthurs,” Calvert noted. “And it is clear from the decision taken by the three judges, including the lord chief justice, that he has raised matters of importance.”

The Belfast Telegraph reported Morgan said, “We are satisfied that there is an issue about whether or not the relevant statutes give rise to direct discrimination issues which is more than frivolous and vexatious.”

A county court in Belfast ruled a year ago that the bakery discriminated against customer Gareth Lee by refusing to provide a cake celebrating a same-sex marriage, and the company was ordered to pay him about $750.

“Lawyers for the McArthurs are also expected to argue that they had protection under the European Convention on Human Rights,” the report said.

Larkin explained the “issue of political and religious discrimination is direct” and the ramifications are “potentially enormous.”

WND reported when the hearing in the case before the appeals court was suddenly postponed because of Larkin’s intervention.

At issue was whether the European Convention on Human Rights was being violated by the local regulation that could force people to advocate for homosexuality….
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It should be noted that Christians should hate the sin and love the sinner. God does NOT hate men with feminine characteristics nor women with masculine characteristics. He detests participation in sexual sin, including that which is committed between “consenting adults” of any specific gender.

Still watching …

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