1. Jesus, descendant of Eve

The following is based on Genesis 3-4; Isaiah 14:12-15; John 12:30-31; 1 John 5:18-20

The Torah — the Bible’s Old Testament — records that in the beginning, the Lord God (Adonai) created a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) for the purpose of RELATIONSHIP with Him. He wanted them to love Him and be devoted to Him in their hearts, which pumps the blood that sustains the life of a human being.

In order for Adam and Eve to truly love their Creator, they had to be given free choice — either to love the Lord their God (absolute GOOD), or to choose a different, OPPOSITE  “god” to relate to (absolute EVIL). That other entity is known by many names, such as  Satan or Lucifer or the devil. He was once the most beautiful angel in heaven. But, according to the prophet Isaiah, “the evil one” chose to rebel against the Lord of hosts (Adonai) and he fell from heaven to planet Earth at some point in time before man was formed from the dust of the earth.

Long story short:  Adam and Eve chose to disrespect their Creator and believe the lie that the evil one (disguised as a snake) told them. You can read about all of that in Genesis 3. The choice that they made required a response from their Parent, God the Father.

His words are recorded in Genesis 3:4-19. But here’s the most important thing that the perfect, good, and  loving Father had to say:

 “Adonai, God, said to the serpent, ‘Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all livestock and wild animals. You will crawl on your belly and eat dust as long as you live. I will put animosity between you and the woman, and between your descendant and her descendant; he will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.'”

That was the first prophecy recorded in Scripture that foretold the birth of Yeshua or JESUS. And this is the first of our Christmas Connection countdown for 2014.

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