Vatican Flag for the New World Order!


The truth about Pope Francis and his communist ties
Vatican Flag to Fly Over New World Order


Pope Francis departed for Cuba Sept. 19 on the Alitalia Airbus A330-200 christened Raffaello Sanzio at 10:35am from Fiumicino Airport.

The Jesuit legacy is strong in Cuba. Father Antonio Llorente, a friend of the late Pope Bergoglio who died in 2010, was actually Fidel Castro’s teacher and spiritual adviser at the prestigious Jesuit preparatory school Colegio de Belén in Havana, which was also frequented by his brother Raúl Castro, Cuba’s current leader.

A few years back, when Fidel retired because of health problems, Raul gradually took over as President of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, and later Commander and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

Raul was literally brought up by the Jesuits attending the Jesuit School of Colegio Dolores in Santiago, and later the Colegio Belén mentioned above, before becoming a full-time communist engaged in numerous intelligence operations with the Soviet Union.

The role the Jesuits play in the formation of Raul and their ties to the mysterious and powerful Company of Jesus which helped craft communism is extremely clear.

Also to consider is the recent role of the Vatican Jesuits in re-establishing Cuba’s relations with the US.

Jim Yardley writes in the New York Times:

The rapprochement between the U.S. and Cuba was facilitated by Argentine-born Pope Francis, who allowed the Vatican to be used for secret negotiations. There were simultaneous public announcements by Castro and Obama about the progress toward normalization.

Who are the Jesuits and who is Pope Francis, really?

The propaganda machine is already in motion and the media announced that Obama and Raul had a phone conversation in the last few hours declaring how essential Pope Francis is in helping these two countries unite in friendship once again.

The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin, stated that “the role of the Pope was determinant because it was he who decided to write to the two presidents to find a way to overcome the present difficulties.”

That is why Cuba and the U.S. decided to re-establish their diplomatic relations to coincide with the birthday of Pope Francis last December.

After meeting Pope Francis in Vatican City on May 10, Raul Castro not only said that he is considering returning to the Roman Catholic Church, but he even stated in a televised news conference, “I read all the speeches of the Pope, his commentaries, and if the Pope continues this way, I will go back to praying and go back to the church. I am not joking.”

Adding that on the occasion that the Pope arrives, “I promise to go to all his Masses and with satisfaction.”

Pope Francis is the third Pope to visit the Caribbean island, before him John Paul II (January 1998) and Benedict XVI (March 2012). The motto chosen for the current visit is “Misionero de la Misericordia,” referring to the Jubilee of Mercy to take place from December, 2015.

This is the time Rome will be invaded by millions of pilgrims and ISIS may attempt to let hell loose with their planned “X Hour” for the attack on Rome.

Barack Obama and Raul Castro’s mondialist leftist agenda is guided and supervised by the first Jesuit Pope in history to help the Cubans embrace the New World Order with enthusiam, in time rejecting the close ties established during the Cold War with the Russian Federation, something they may regret in years to come.

In the meantime the Vatican is facilitating the chaos in Europe, thanks to the constant support for immigration given by Pope Francis and the Vatican.

Just before departing for Cuba, the Vatican pulled another propaganda stunt, airing a Pope Francis meeting in Rome with a Syrian family they are hosting in the Vatican at the Sant’Anna Church.

One of the two privileged families the Vatican recently announced they will host within their small territory to demonstrate to the world how much they “care.” …


If this pope IS indeed the “false prophet” written about in Revelation 13:11-17, 16:13, 19:20 and 20:10, we should be seeing some verifiable evidence of that coming soon.

  *   *   *

“But the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet 

who had performed the signs on its behalf.

With these signs he had deluded those

who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.

The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur.”

(Revelation 19:20, NIV)

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