Did You Know? (Part 3) America has been receiving judgment warnings from God!

“America is uniquely paralleled to ancient Israel in many ways. From its very conception it was built upon a biblical foundation and dedicated for God’s purposes, as was Israel…. Now, as with ancient Israel, it is falling away from that foundation.”

— Jonathan Cahn

America Uniquely Parallels Ancient Israel!

(Part 3)

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  •   There is an ancient pattern of judgment that God uses when a nation becomes deaf to his call for a sincere attitude of humility and repentence.

A nation that has been founded on the Word of God will receive a series of warnings (“harbingers”) before judgment finally falls upon that nation’s deaf ears. Because God does not want anyone to perish (2 Peter 3:9), he gives grace to the nation at first. Then a template begins to emerge, which becomes more severe in pattern and progression as the warnings are ignored. This pattern was demonstrated within the recorded family history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants — the Hebrews (see Parts 1 and 2 of this series).

  • Instead of humbling themselves before their God, the ancient Hebrews became defiant, and after God sent the king of Babylon to destroy their temple in Jerusalem, they said “with pride and arrogance of heart”:

“The bricks have fallen down,
    but we will rebuild with dressed stone;
the fig trees have been felled,
    but we will replace them with cedars.” (Isaiah 9:10)

So the remnant – those left behind after Assyria attacked the northern kingdom’s capital, Samaria – was defiant rather than humbled. They rebuilt with quarried stone and strong wood from cedar trees. But their kingdom was never restored. Instead of “Israel” the region became known as “Samaria” – a melting pot for immigrants.


  •  God has been issuing warnings of impending judgment on America, which parallel those issued to ancient Israel — through inspired messages spoken and written by a modern-day Jewish rabbi.

Jonathan Cahn, author of books and DVDs on this subject, is the son of immigrants — his father escaped the Holocaust in Germany and his mother escaped the Russian czar. Both of his parents were scientists.

Jonathan attended synagogue from an early age, but he questioned what he was being taught and became an atheist at the age of 8. When he was 13, he became disillusioned with atheism and started searching for answers to the questions that haunted his thoughts. He began reading books on religion, the supernatural, the occult, etc. until he came across The Late, Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. That book led him to begin searching for truth in the Old Testament of the Bible. After a long search he came to the conclusion that ancient prophecies prove Yeshua, Jesus, is the only person who could be the Jewish Messiah.

Now Jonathan leads the Jerusalem Center / Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, as well as Hope of the World ministries, an international outreach dedicated to spreading God’s word and love around the globe.

Shortly after 9/11/2001, Jonathan was led to read about the Assyrian strike on ancient Israel and to the key scripture that became the focus of his divinely inspired book, The Harbinger“The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.” (Isaiah 9:10). The Harbinger uses a fictional format to reveal spiritual truths to as many people as possible. Jonathan claims that the words would stream onto his computer whenever he sat down to write, as though they had already existed before he typed them.

The book was finished in four months of writing in his spare time. But then he had a problem. He had never written a book before and had no idea how to go about getting it published. But he had no doubt that The Harbinger was from God, so he committed the dilemma to the Lord.

Less than a week after Jonathan finished writing the book, he was  on his way to speak at a Christian gathering in Dallas, Texas. During a lay-over in Charlotte, North Carolina, he sat in the airport and bowed his head to pray that the hand of God would intercede for his purposes and glory alone. When he opened his eyes, a man sitting next to him started a conversation. All of a sudden the man’s demeanor changed, and he began saying that Jonathan was going to publish a book that was “of the Lord.” He foretold that everything in Jonathan’s life was about to change and that he would be known across the land.

The entire encounter paralleled a scene in The Harbinger, which Jonathan had just written, concerning a man who was told by a stranger that he would write a book warning of judgment falling upon America! Hubie Synn was the name of the man who gave that prophecy to Jonathan. He is the same man who spoke to David Tyree before the Super Bowl game in 2008 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

The prophetic word given to David Tyree foretold that he would be given a platform to share the gospel. What followed was nothing less than miraculous. At a key turning point in the game, Tyree jumped into the air, grabbed the football thrown by Eli Manning, pinned it against his helmet and was tackled as he returned to the ground. The play became known as the greatest in Super Bowl history!

David Tyree later wrote a book, and in it he mentioned Hubie Synn, the man who gave him the prophecy. Because of that, Hubie Synn had a connection with the founder and CEO of Charisma Media, publisher of Frontline books, Steve Strang. Hubie sent word to Steve about his encounter in the Charlotte airport “with a Jewish man bearing a message for America.”  That  led to a meeting with Strang, who published The Harbinger in 2012, and within the first week of its release, it became a national bestseller.

Funny thing … Hubie Synn was not supposed to be in the Charlotte airport at the moment he sat down alongside the Jewish man whose head was bowed in prayer. But because of bad weather, his flight had been postponed several times, so he was at last placed on Jonathan’s flight and had felt moved to speak words to him from the Lord!

I feel it’s important to share this amazing testimony with my readers before we delve any deeper into the detailed information revealed within the pages of Jonathan Cahn’s books — The Harbinger, The Harbinger Companion and Bible Study, and The Mystery of the Shemitah — so that YOU will understand why I have felt such a sense of urgency to help Rabbi Jonathan Cahn spread the words that God obviously wants all Americans to hear.

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit” is saying to America and to the world.

Sources: The Harbinger Companion and Bible Study by Jonathan Cahn; Front Line / Charisma House Book Group; 2013); The NIV Study Bible; Zondervan; 1984)

Coming Next: Did You Know? … The attack on 9/11 paralleled Assyria’s attack on ancient Israel!

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