Debate over Temple Mount

Debate Over Temple Mount Heats Up While Rebuilding Preparations Continue

February 28, 2014 | Debbie Smith

While the Israeli Knesset debated the future sovereignty of Jerusalem’s temple mount, protesters were rioting on the Holy Site. Rioters were arrested during the latest series of uprisings this month.  Arab demonstrators object to any Jewish presence on the holy site.

An impassioned MK Fieglin declared, “Without the temple Mount, we have no home, not in Tel Aviv, not in Haifa, and not anywhere else. The time has come to stop the erosion of our sovereignty in the heart of Jerusalem.”

Fieglin continued by describing the destruction of archeological artifacts on the Mount, stating that behind the nations back, we gave up every remnant of Israeli sovereignty on the mount. Any terrorist organization can wave their fag, but the Israeli flag? Unmentionable.”

“When the Jews in exile prayed to return to Zion, I think they prayed to return… to the Temple Mount. If we allow the situation to continue, we will fail in our mission to Jewish continuity.” Added coalition chairman Yariv Levin.

Left leaning MK’s see the Temple Mount controversy as a “powder keg waiting to explode” said Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On. Gal-on also stated that “No one doubts that the Jews have a right to ascend the temple Mount” but questioned the wisdom of exercising this right.

PM Benyamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying in 1995, “Jews should be able to pray on the temple Mount.” He was absent from the current debate.

MK Moalem-Refeali spoke of the hypocrisy of some on the left who’ believe in freedom of worship, but only for Arabs.

As expected, the Knesset debate sparked angry reactions in Jordan and elsewhere in the region.

Some Jordanian legislators called for a cancellation of Jordan’s peace treaty with Israel and a return of the Jordanian envoy to Amman.

The Temple Mount, captured by the IDF during the Six Day War, was placed under custodianship of the Wakf Muslim religious trust in 1967, following the war.

As for a possible shared Temple Mount solution, in  a Haaretz report as late as February 16, 2014 Palestinian President Abbas stated that the” PA would not agree to share sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa Mosque (the temple mount) in Jerusalem as  part of a peace deal but would allow freedom of worship for the Jews at the Western Wall Plaza.”

2500 years ago, the Hebrew prophet Daniel, under divine inspiration, while living in exile in Babylon, saw the future of the Temple Mount and recorded its destiny for us. Daniel foresaw a rebuilt temple in the time of the man of lawlessness, prior to the return of Jesus to Jerusalem. (Daniel 9)

Daniel further explains s the importance of the Temple in the 70 weeks prophecy in Chapter 9 vs. 27. According to Daniel, in the middle of the 70th week, sacrifices will be cut off and an event described as the abomination of desolation will occur in the Temple.

Jesus Christ also referred to Daniels prophecy in His Olivet discourse, when he identified the “abomination of desolation” as a significant event of the Tribulation period.

The Apostle Paul additionally, speaks about the rebuilt temple and the man of sin who would exalt himself as God in the third temple. (2 Thessalonians 2: 3, 4)

In fulfillment of prophecy, plans for rebuilding continue.

On November 28, 2013, the Israel National News reported that “a Cohen – priest training program” is currently training priest to officiate in the coming Temple with at least 40 men with the correct lineage  being trained in this program. According to Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the Director of the Temple Institute, ”Traditional priestly garments have been made in various sizes to accommodate the trained priests.”

Rabbi Ariel concluded by saying “All of this is in the hope that we will soon, please GOD, erect the third temple with our own hands, and be able to perform these priestly duties in the Temple courtyard”.

According to the Christian Post, “rabbis have been visiting the temple mount in unprecedented numbers”. It is also reported that the temple items required for sacrifice and worship, and the hand hewn cornerstone have been prepared and are in fact, ready to be used.

Of interest also, is the shift in the Israeli government toward a more right leaning, religious, and conservative base.  This also, bodes well for the rebuilding. A recent survey revealed that 64 % of the population favors rebuilding the temple.

Many wonder if the current peace negotiations will open the door for further progress towards the the rebuilding of the Temple.


*   *   *

“Adonai [the Lord God] is in his holy temple.
Adonai, his throne is in heaven.
His eyes see and test humankind.
Adonai tests the righteous;
but he hates the wicked and the lover of violence.”

(Psalm 11:4-5, The Complete Jewish Bible)

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